First Exhibition of Documents Inaugurated [Archives:2000/31/Culture]

July 31 2000

Documentation is a top-priority task on all countries’ agenda. Our country has paid a lot of attention to this issue during the last two decades. A Republican decree was passed in 1984 setting up a committee for collecting all state documents. The National Documents Center was established following a Republican decree in 1991 as the first specialized archival establishment that aims at keeping all documents of the Republic.
The center collects and organizes all the state’s documents disregarding their class and period. It also prepares studies and researches on its activities and encourages scientific research in all fields related to documenting.
Recently, during July 17-31 2000, the center, under the patronage of the President, organized the First Documents Exhibition. The exhibition included historical documents, books and rare manuscripts depicting important eras in the history of Yemen. It included:
* Ottoman documents: these included Ottoman documents both in Arabic and Turkish and maps showing the administrative division of Yemen at the time.
* Internal affairs: documents related to the Imam’s reign.
* Foreign Affairs: documents showing Yemen’s external affairs during 1344-1382 Hejirah.
* Photographs: of Yemeni areas, historical events, etc.
* Revolutions: all available documents related to the September and October revolutions.
* Unity.
The exhibition also included old newspapers both the official and opposition, pictures of elections events and some of development projects.
The center organized a seminar on documenting and its importance during the exhibition.