First festival for talented held [Archives:2005/804/Community]

January 6 2005

Taiz Bureau
The National Organization for Fighting Illiteracy (NOFI) and the Talented Encouragement Program (TEP) held the first festival for talented students on Thursday Dec. 30 at the hall of Taiz Tourist Club.

The festival was attended by Judge Ahmad Al-Hajiri Governor of Taiz and a number of officials from governmental offices in Taiz, businessmen, personalities of distinction as well as relatives of the talented students.

The festival opened with the recitation of verses from the Holy Qur'an. Then speeches were delivered by Shawqi Al-Qadhi, MP, Head of the Committee and Supervisor of the Program, and Mu'adh Al-Sufi Program Coordinator and Head of the Work Team.

Mother of Iyad Al-Saqqaf delivered a speech on behalf of the relatives of the talented students.

On his part, Judge Ahmad Al-Hajiri Governor of Taiz pointed out the vitality of the festival and its importance in the social development. He added that a close attention is paid to the gifted students as well as encouraging them and overcoming difficulties encountered by them..

The talented students received honors at the conclusion of the festival including a number of in-kind prizes for 79 male and female students who scored excellent grades in the secondary certificate examinations, 2003-2004.

Additionally, first-placed student at the Department of Mathematics, Taiz University was awarded along with the winners in the primary and vocational education.

Mr. Al-Qadhi submitted to the Governor of Taiz a file including the names of the talented students so that they can receive close attention, encouragement and precedence over others in getting jobs.

Numerous official parties, foundations and businessmen were requested to support the program that contributes to upgrading the level of education and the process of social development.

In his speech, Mr. Shawqi Al-Qadhi noted: ” The program is for the talented students both males and females. We have just explored that we live in a miserable situation due to numerous factors that hamper the ambition of the talented students who are expected to lead the society. We were surprised to find that 79 students from Taiz scored excellent grades in the third secondary examinations.”

He added, “The program came to restore hope for a close attention toward talented students. We want to draw the attention of the official parties and the public toward the gifted students through this program that has a basic system and work team. Nevertheless, we intend to officially announce it as a national organization.”