First General Women Conference wraps up [Archives:2003/667/Local News]

September 11 2003

Fahmia Al-Fotih
Sana'a, 10 September – With the slogan “Towards activating Women's participation in development” the Yemeni Women Union (YWU) concluded its 3-day conference on Wednesday 10 September in Sanaa.
President Saleh attended the opening session and expressed his satisfaction for launching the conference, which is the first of its kind to be held after unification. The President considered the YWU the first and most active women civic society in the republic and thanked the former union for its efforts.
“We are looking forward to seeing women's efficient and successful participation and witness them take their key role beside their brothers towards developing their country. We want effective participation of women in elections just as used to be in the last three elections. Yemeni women have taken their place in Yemen's society as teachers, doctors, ambassadors and members of parliamentary. This is a clear testimony of Yemen's credibility to adopt women issues seriously and give them their rights. We believe that Yemen needs the participation of women, just as it requires the participation of men.” Saleh said.
The President also called upon all political parties and organizations to give women their rights and promote them to become more active in the social, cultural and political arenas. “Obviously, we have noticed that some political parties and organizations remember women only during elections and polling days.” he said.
Ramzia al-Eryani, the head of preparatory committee of the conference said,” This is the first conference Yemeni women have had since unification. This conference comes to crown Yemeni women's efforts and to restructure the YWU and update its bylaws. I am proud to say that YWU has expanded its branches to include all 20 governorates.”
She added, “Through this conference, we are going to evaluate the elections that were carried in 20 provinces to elect new executive and administrative staffers as well as allow membership to all Yemeni women.”
She concluded “We thank President Ali Abduallah Saleh for his permanent support for women and their issues and in defending their rights”
The conference also evaluated the activities of the YWU during 1999-2000 and YWU's financial reports were exposed.
Female delegates from different Arab countries represented their unions in the conference and talked about their experiences and achievements in their own countries.