First guide on Hodeidah published [Archives:2003/640/Last Page]

June 9 2003

The first tourism guide on Hodeidah was released by Yemen Times last week signaling a pioneer step in promoting tourism in Yemen.
The full-color 104-page guide is in two languages (Arabic and English) is fully illustrated and includes all the there is to know about Hodeidah including the most important tourist sites, geography, climate, people, islands, traditions, and many other issues.
“The guide has come out after many long months of hard work and dedication. Yemen Times continues to promote tourism through such publications, which focus on the beauty and fascination of our country. The guide will be a major reference for all those, who wish to know more about the Bride of the Red Sea.” said Imad Al-Saqqaf, Yemen Times Hodeidah Bureau Chief.
The guide has already gained the appreciation of the Ministry of Tourism as an example of what the private media can do in promoting tourism in Yemen. Mr. Abdullah H. al-Kowli, General Manager of Tourism and Environment Office n Hodeidah expressed his deep appreciation for Yemen Times. “I would like to express my deep gratitude to those who made extensive efforts to make this tourist guide a success including Yemen Times, which is a pioneering media establishments in promoting tourism in Yemen.” he said.
Yemen Times is the only Yemeni media establishment which published a tourism guide on Yemen, a tourism guide on Ibb, and a tourism guide in Hodeidah only in four years. However, it is also planning to release more similar publications in an effort to focus more on the promotion of tourist attractions in Yemen.