First Italian Exhibition to Start [Archives:2001/22/Local News]

May 28 2001

From 31 May to 3 June, the Italian Embassy will host a traditional Italian week, which also coincides with the Italian National Day, on the 2nd of June.
A press release by the Italian Embassy in Yemen added that this years event will be enriched by the first exhibition of fresh food processing plants, which will be held at the Apollo Center from 31 May to 2 June.
This is a very important show and the participants in this exhibition will be small and medium sized companies under the umbrella of the Parma Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
It is important to know that the backbone of Italian economic structure is formed by small and medium size industries, including family enterprises. They have been able to unite low production costs, high productivity and continuous product innovation results, typical of their individual creativity.
This Italian pattern of innovation, found in the Parma region – one of the most developed industrial areas in Italy – could even be used in Yemen.
This country is rich in human resources, creative intelligence and industriousness at individual and group levels.