First national book fair concludes [Archives:2006/908/Culture]

January 2 2006

ADEN, Dec. 27 – Under the slogan, “Books for Everyone,” the first national book fair concluded Sunday at Aden's National Library hall. The fair, held Dec. 16-25, was organized by the General Book Authority and the Book Friends Forum, in cooperation and coordination with Khaled Bin Al-Walid Library.

The national book fair was a new experience for Aden, its publishers and local libraries. “It was a wonderful initiative enabling researchers and science and knowledge seekers to obtain more information and data in different areas,” National Library head N'ema Al-Ghabri said in a statement.

She assured that books have a great and integral role, despite the spread of modern techniques and technologies in the field of information exchange. She expressed her hope that the fair will last for a longer period and expand. Those interested in science and culture visited the fair, benefiting from discounts offered to help books reach everyone.

Al-Ghabri praised the initiative of MP Mohamed Abdu Sa'eed who donated 300,000 Yemeni Riyals to install communication and internet networks facilitating the task of researchers and readers to obtain necessary information. The philanthropist also donated 150,000 Yemeni Riyals to the Children's Library.

Al-Ghabri hopes other businessmen and interested parties will be like Sa'eed who has contributed to activating and improving the role of the National Library, the only one in Aden province.

Sa'eed, Chairman of the Book Friends Forum, stressed the importance of the role of books in scholarly life, despite claims that books have lost their importance due to the spread of modern technology.

As many as 15 national publishers and 26 Arab book houses took part in the fair, containing more than 6,000 titles covering various topics.

The Yemen Times has conducted an entire probe into the role of the National Library and the Aden Book House, the oldest in Yemen.