First Ophthalmic Seminar [Archives:2001/37/Local News]

September 10 2001

The National Program for the Prevention of Blindness at the Ministry of Health in co-operation with Al-Nibras Charity Organization for the prevention of blindness held the first ophthalmic seminar in Sana’a on Thursday 30 August.
The seminar was given by Professor Abdulmajeed Masood and was about “Yag Laser in treating secondary cataract”. A number of eye doctors attended the seminar which is going to be on a monthly basis. The next seminar will be held on Thursday 20 September and is going to be on “Diabetic Retinopathy and Laser treatment”.
This is part of Continuous Medical Education offered to the eye doctors in Sana’a and the seminar was supported by Allergan Pharmaceutical Company.