First Palm Trees Festival Ends [Archives:2001/34/Reportage]

August 20 2001


In cooperation with technical teams and a number of officials in the Hadramaut Agriculture Ministry, the local Council led by the Governor, Abduh Alkader Ali Helal, decided to organize a yearly festival focusing on the importance of palm trees in the region. It was also agreed to hold the festival in Wadi Hajr which is one of the most fertile areas in the governorate and one of the most famous places for growing palm trees. In this area, they are estimated at 3 million trees.
By setting up this festival, the Governor said that the event aimed at preserving palm trees and encouraging farmers to expand its cultivation in the area by providing them some incentives. The Governor also pointed out that dates should be used in proper ways and that one investor would establish a new factory for preserving dates. This would urge farmers to expand palm trees cultivation.
As for the activities held during the festival, the General Secretary of Local Council, Salmeen Abodi, said that a number of scientific, technical and cultural activities were held in coordination with Hadhramot University and would be entitled ” Palm Trees, Future & Reality”. A photo exhibition was also organized to insist on the importance of the palm tree, the places of growing palm trees and the necessity of reviving handicrafts in Wadi Hajr.
Wadi Hajr
Wadi Hajr is situated in the west of al-Mokalla and is 150 km from this city. The wadi includes three main districts, Hajr, Yabaath and Maifa. What brings attention in the wadi is the water flow because of torrential rain pouring into the wadi which contains groundwater reaching 470 cubic meters. Recently, the government has inaugurated the Wadi Hajr Developing Project to use large quantities of flowing water available in the district. The wadi also presents different types of rocks such as lime and plaster. Its fertile soils make the wadi one of the most fertile areas in palm trees cultivation. But, unfortunately, the following factors render palm trees farming complicate:
The organic fertilizers are not used by farmers and this resulted in the deterioration of the soil organic richness.
The non-exploitation of space between each palm tree.
Unavailability of modern agricultural equipment.
Great interest taken on Suqatri palm trees.
In conclusion, Abdoon recommended the necessity of continuing the agricultural developmental works in Wadi Hajr through the completion of Wadi Hajr development project.