First project of its kindAgricultural market established [Archives:2004/736/Local News]

May 10 2004

By Rasheed Al-Saqqaf
Yemen Times Staff

Dhahban Company for the marketing of consumers' goods and agricultural produce launched a unique one of a kind project, by establishing a new central market for the marketing of agricultural goods.
This would not be just in Yemen, but at the level of all Arab countries according to foreign experts, in terms of a production system and storage facilities, capable of meeting the development in the agricultural production, and the location and capacity of the market, which would coincide with expansion of the population in Sana'a secretariat.
Director and owner of the project, the prominent Yemeni businessman, Ahmed Handhel, said that the most important goals of the project is the full obligation to health and technical conditions in the production and storage. The project, to be inaugurated at the end of this month, spans over an area of 60,000 square meters on 60-metre Road, to coincide with the Yemeni celebrations on the occasion of anniversary of unification of the country May 22.