First Scientific Symposium on Pharmacology and Medicine [Archives:2001/30/Local News]

July 23 2001

Last Wednesday on July 18, 2001 the First Scientific Symposium was concluded in the syndicate of Doctors and pharmacologists. The Yemeni pharmacologists participated in the symposium from all the governorates of Yemen. The main aim of the symposium is the acquaintance with Yemeni pharmacologists and viewing the problems concerning the profession of pharmacology and medicine and tackling the main problems faced by the Yemeni doctors and pharmacologists. The symposium also accentuated the role of the pharmacologist in society and providing the concerned authorities particularly the Ministry of Health of the recommendations which came out of the symposium. The participants discussed the main issues shedding light on the pharmacological cadre and education, supervising and inspecting the medicinal smuggling, reviewing pharmacological laws and legislation and focusing on the hygienic insurance and the social security fund.