First Sports Competition Between Yemen and Kuwait Since the Gulf Crisis [Archives:1999/17/Sports]

April 26 1999

The Yemeni Olympic football team won the match against the Kuwaiti Olympic team; the final score was one-nil. The match was a trial match held last Friday in Kadhma Sports Club in Kuwait.
The Yemeni team put on a good performance, as did the Kuwaiti team. The goal was scored by Basil Awad in the twentieth minute of the first half.
The Yemeni team played well together, filling the gaps in front of the fast Kuwaiti players. The Yemeni defenders withstood the continual attacks, and countered with strong attacks on the Kuwaiti goal.In the second half the Yemeni player Adel Al Salemi almost scored a second goal, but it just missed the Kuwaiti goal.
The Yemeni defense faced tough attacks from the Kuwaiti team, especially towards the end of the match, but the Yemeni defenders and goalkeeper were successful in defending their goal. The match ended with the Yemeni team winning by a score of one-nil.
The Yemeni Team arrived in Kuwait last Wednesday, by invitation from Sheik Fahad Al Ahmed, Chairman of the Kuwaiti Football League. They were introduced by Mr. Ali Al Ashwal, Chairman of the Yemeni Football League when he visited Kuwait for the purpose of drawing lots for the Asian group.
That this friendly match is the first activity with Kuwait since the Gulf crisis reflects the good intentions of a new era. This is good preparation for the Yemeni team in getting ready to go through the tournament between Asian teams for the right to participate in the Sidney Olympics in 2000.
It is worth mentioning here that the Yemeni, Emirati and Qatari teams are included in one group. Al Sharja Emirate will host a match next May, while Al Doha will host a match with Kuwait next July.