First Thai exhibition in Aden [Archives:2005/823/Local News]

March 10 2005

The City of Aden, the economic hub of Yemen, is preparing the first Thai exhibition which is to be organized during March 15-17, 2005 involving some 50 Thai companies looking for prospects of finding a market for Thai products in Yemen, said Tawfiq al-Nihmi, General Manager of Apollo International Exhibitions.

“The Thai exhibition is a true translation of the good Yemeni-Thai relationships and a sign of the improving economic ties as Thai products are readily purchased by Yemenis,” he added.

“The exhibition which is held in both Aden and Sana'a comes after the success of 2004 Exhibition and the lucrative deals between businessmen from both countries.”

The exhibition will feature products from the following industries: automobile spare parts – computer sets and accessories – electric devices – furniture – accessories – decorations – hospital appliances – leather products – stationary – construction materials – jewellery – foods and drinks – clothes and fabrics – gifts – health and beauty – household tools – pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment – chemicals

Al-Nihmi added that the exhibition is held in Aden in inclination to the desire of Aden businessmen and adjacent provinces. Bilateral meetings are going to be held between Yemeni and Thai businessmen who will discuss the possibility of commercial exchange.

The exhibition is held for the second year under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the General Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and the Aden Commerce and Industry Chamber.