First Yemeni-German Medical Congress, Another Phase of Bilateral Relations [Archives:1998/45/Health]

November 9 1998

The first Yemeni German Medical Congress was held from November the 3rd to the 5th at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in Sanaa.  Prime Minister, Minister of Health, Health Deputy Minister, German ambassador, and others attended the congress. More than 130 German and Yemeni professors participated in the congress of whom about 30 German professors and medical physicians represented more than 7 universities and academic hospitals in Germany. The congress included three workshops and more than 28 presentation papers. German professors presented 22 of those papers. The papers dealt with certain medical problems in Yemen and Germany. In addition, issues like the structure and organization of the health system in Germany were discussed.   
The congress focused on subjects of radiological diagnostics and surgical therapy of selected clinical pictures. It shed light on modern theories of surgery operations using microscopes.  
The congress has become a means for further promotion of bilateral relations in the field of medicine between Yemen and Germany.  “The Yemeni German relations are growing stronger everyday. In education, housing, construction, roads, transports, vocational training, culture, water and electricity, and, on the top health, in which German support has been outstanding,” The Health Minister and president of the congress, Dr. Nashir said. “Our congress plays a leading role in the process of continuous medical education. It will allow many Yemeni physicians to get exposed to more German medical developments and recent medical advances,” he added.    
“In my residence in Sanaa for the last 36 years, I know no other bilateral relationship that has engaged me, pleased me, and has been more fruitful than the Yemeni German bilateral relationship” Dr. Al-Iriani, the Prime Minister, said.  
After the opening ceremony, Dr. Al-Iriani launched the German medicine exhibition. Dr. Ahmad Al-Haddad, head of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, was one of the great contributors to the success of the congress. About the benefits the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences will get out of this congress he said: “During this congress, the participants will present the latest researches in the fields of esophagus, liver, and blood-vessels surgeries. It will also give Yemeni physicians an idea about surgery using microscope. The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences staff as well as Yemeni physicians will benefit a lot from this event. Some of them will be sent to Germany to receive training in such medical surgeries. This will help them get good experience in medicine in general and in surgery specifically.”  
Dr. Ali Al-Gamrah, a professor in Medical Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine, headed the Preparative Committee of the Conference, and along with many German physicians, participated in arranging for the congress. The congress was supported by the deanery of the Faculty of Medicine and the Ministry of Health from the Yemeni side. All German delegation members came to Yemen on their own expenses.  
Referring to the congress, Dr. Al-Gamrah said: “If this congress goes successfully, we will try to make it an annual international event. The congress will focus upon medical issues that Yemeni physicians lack experience in. In the future, we will try to tackle other medical issues as well.”  
“In Yemen I see people with new ideas. I think it will help us a lot if we validate these ideas in the field of medicine.” stated Prof. Dr. Karl Otto Kagel, head of the German delegation. 
This year, Germany gave Yemen an X-Ray Tumo-mography machine, and a diagnostic machine for breast cancer. “The next Time, I hope we could bring an Ultra-Sound machine to Yemen for the Hodeida area,” indicated Dr. Kagel.  
All members of the German delegation were very happy with this experience. “We like to be here and to exchange ideas. It was good to know about problems you have and to talk about problems we have” Prof. Dr. Lingemann, one of the German members said.  
It is worth mentioning that the second Yemeni German Congress has been already appointed for next year. It will be held during 2-4 November 1999.  
Nadwa Al-Dawsari, 
Yemen Times