First Yemeni woman occupies Supreme Court post [Archives:2006/983/Local News]

September 21 2006

SANA'A, Sept. 19 ) The first ever female judge was appointed to a Supreme Court post.

Samia Abdullah Sa'eed Mahdi was one of many judges appointed last week and it's the first time a women will hold such a high judiciary job.

The appointment of new judges covered several courts nationwide.

Samia Mahdi said her appointment signifies the government's interest and care for women. It is a victory and recognition for Yemeni women in general and female judges in particular.

Ramzia Al-Eryani, Chairwoman of Yemeni Women Union says that Yemeni woman have taken the second move toward greater participating in decision making.

Al-Eryani added that there are many women judges, who work in several appeal and preliminary courts, indicating that appointing a woman for a Supreme Court post makes Yemen lead other Arab countries in experience of democracy and human rights.

She said the Republican Decree comes as an initial step to liberate women from oppression and help them exercise their political and democratic rights freely.

The new Supreme Court member, Samia Mahdi, graduated from the Faculty of Law, Cairo University in 1967. Since 1983, she has been working in the Aden Appeal Court.

Nearly 39 women have jobs in preliminary and appeal courts in different Yemeni governorates while two work as judges at the technical office of the Attorney-General. There are another five women who work as prosecutors and more than 45 women lawyers.