Fish Resources at the Red Sea Decreased [Archives:2001/28/Local News]

July 9 2001

Random and uncontrolled investment through the use of high-level productive fishing boats has led to the reduction of the fish reserve in the Red Sea to the ratio of 25 percent according to reliable sources. Moreover, the use of prohibited fishing tools such as the mass fishing nets has led to the decrease of fish and crustacean reserve. Fishing by unlicensed big boats also contributes to this deterioration since they are not subjected to international control. Furthermore, the non-observance of the fishing seasons, especially that of shrimps and the similar crustaceans in addition to the use of small-holed nets has also led to a sharp decrease in the shrimp reserve which does not exceed 1000 to 1500 ton per year based on researches and reports of the Archaeology Institute in Hudeidah.
On the other hand, the issuance of the fishing permissions without taking into consideration the amount of the reserve, the sea productivity and the annual rise of the local conventional fishing boats have contributed to this deterioration. In addition to that random and explosions carried out in the sea have destroyed a substantial areas of the coral reefs.
It is notable that the fishermen are dismayed at this situation, especially that over taxation and levies imposed on them and the societies headed by some influential sheikhs and personalities constitute a heavy burden on their sources of living.