Fishermen beaten while detained [Archives:2005/831/Local News]

April 7 2005

One of the fishermen who have been recently released from detention in Eritrea said they were severely beaten by Eritrean soldiers while they were detained.

The source said that some of the Yemeni fishermen were released while others are still being held, 14 boats were also seized by the government of Eritrea under the pretext of fishing in its regional waters.

Other sources said negotiations between high-ranking officials from both Yemen and Eritrea are continuing with the aim of returning the Yemeni boats.

The fishermen fear that they may be charged around YR750,000 for each boat.

The harassing of Yemeni fishermen comes after Yemen signed an agreement with Eritrea during the visit of the Eritrean president to the country, under which the two sides will establish a joint fishing company.