Five al-Qaeda Militants arrested, al-Nabi freed [Archives:2003/677/Front Page]

October 16 2003

Yemeni authorities announced Monday the arrest of five al-Qaeda militants with some designs of explosives- making as well as financial remittances documents, a Yemeni official source said.
The arrestees are members of al-Qaeda cell that 11 of its members were arrested last month. The authorities found out with the arrestees maps and diagrams of how to make explosives, use of weapons as well as 8 money transfer documents which were done in a private bank in an African Arab country. A car used by those militants was also seized along with GSM mobiles. The authorities announced last week the arrest of 11 militants of the cell described as “dangerous and extremist”.
On the other hand, the authorities released Khalid Abdul-Nabi, leader of the Aden-Abyan Islamic Army (AAIA) whom the government reported to have been killed in the confrontation between the AAIA militants and government forces in Huttat, Abyan last June. Abdul-Nabi surrendered to authorities after mediation with the government run by senior officials. Al-Nabi was reported to have been seen in his area in Abyan, trying with the authorities there to release some of his fellow men. He agreed with the authorities that he and his men give up their extremist views and violence in return of having government posts or returning them to their previous jobs.
Tens of people were killed or wounded injured and over 60 from AAIA in the fight between militants and government forces in Abyan last June. Tens had also been arrested while some others are still at large.