Five killed in a helicopter crash [Archives:2006/971/Local News]

August 10 2006

SANA'A, Aug 9 ) Five military personnel were reported dead after the fall of a Russian helicopter over Al-Hayma district, Sana'a Governorate.

An official source told media the MI-17 helicopter crashed into a mountain as it was flying at a low attitude due to bad weather. On board was the 3-member crew along with two passengers.

Three people tried to jump out the helicopter to escape death before it crashed into the mountain, but they died. The two other two passengers suffered sever burns from the crash and a rescue team rushed to the accident's location, but all onboard passengers were dead.

The fall of this helicopter comes three days after the fall of another helicopter on Sunday, Aug 6 and all media covered the incident and said it was removed by a large military vehicle. Yet, the Ministry of Defense denied the incident and said the helicopter took off after it had made an emergency landing.

Before Sunday's crash the captain recognized a technical fault and led the helicopter away from Busan village, Arhab district, to the south of the capital, before its crash. According to sources, one of the three-member crew was lightly injured in his head while the helicopter was damaged.