Five Killed in Clashes in Al-Jawf [Archives:2001/36/Front Page]

September 3 2001

Five persons were killed the last Tuesday during armed clashes between a car robbery gang and the personnel of a military checkpoint in al-Aqaba district in Al-Jawf. Colonel Mutahar al-Fakeh Commander of al-Aqaba military district and two soldiers were among the dead. 
The 9th Brigade paratroopers stationed in the area carried out a massive combing for the area and shelled the could-be hideouts of the gang. Meanwhile, sheikhs and dignitaries of the area condemned the acts of robbery carried out by some gangs of Al-Jawf and declared that they will never provide protection for those persons in case the government takes action against them. 
Al-Jawf Governorate located in the northeast of Sana’a has been the scene of many clashes between military forces and tribesmen. Moreover, parts of the governorate have become the haven for many car robbery gangs due to lawlessness.