Five killed in Tribal Revenge Clashes [Archives:2001/28/Local News]

July 9 2001

Five people were killed and injured Saturday in clashes between tribesmen near Sana’a Airport. Eyewitnesses said tribesmen from Al-Faqih and Al Nashtan exchanged fire killing five and injuring several others. Sources said tribal vengeance is the cause of the killing. Two month ago, members of the same tribes clashed in the Saba roundabout in Sana’a.
Tribal revenge claims the lives of tens of people every year as tribesmen still cling to their norms of retaliation and do not abide by the laws.
Revenge has become a headache for the country. President Saleh said this ragging problem should be the priority of the newly formed Shoura Council which formed a committee to tackle this issue.