Flagrant Violations [Archives:1999/33/Local News]

August 16 1999

In a very offensive way, a number of security policemen arrested Gamal Ahmad Amer, the editor in Al-Wahdawi newspaper and the member of the Unionist Nasserite Party after he was requested to meet the General Manager of the Security Police in Ibb. It is reported that he was arrested twice; on Thursday and then he was let free by the prosecution for the reason that the arrest was not legal, and also on Sunday, when he was arrested with high priority orders by Minister of the Interior, Hussein Arab, who conducted investigation by himself. Mr. Gamal was arrested after he wrote an article in issue 383 which is said to be against the Yemeni-Saudi relations. Chairman of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate, Mahboob Ali met with Minister of Interior to convince him to respect the law and let him free, but the minister insisted to refer Gamal to the prosecution. Gamal was held captive in one of the jails of the Security Departments in Ibb. Meeting him is not permitted. Al-Wahdawi Newspaper considers this an outrageous violation of the journalists rights which are preserved by the constitution. Therefore, the newspaper has stated that it will never let this harsh action of Minister go easy and it will file a case against him. The Yemeni Committee for Protecting Journalists is also very offended for what happened to their member and to others lately..