Flash Floods Claim 48 Lives and Millions in Damages [Archives:1998/33/Front Page]

August 17 1998

Heavy rains in the mountains have resulted in dangerous flash floods in the lowlands and coastal areas. On Friday, August 14th, five bodies were retrieved from Wadi Siham, close to Bajil city in the Tihama. That brings the total persons who perished in this wadi to 23 lives.
On Saturday, August 15th, three persons lost their lives in Ibb governorate. Earlier, heavy rains and floods have resulted in loss of lives in Haraz, 100 kilometers west of Sanaa.
In Wadi Hassan in Abyan Governorate, the level of flood water has risen to more than 5.8 meters. That resulted in enormous damage to livestock, topsoil, and other material loss.
In Sanaa, rains continue to pour down day in and day out without cessation.
Many parts of the Republic of Yemen continue to witness heavy rains during this rainy season.
According to initial meteorological reports, the amount of rainwater that fell in this season alone has varied from 50 to 180 centimeters in different parts of the country.
It is unfortunate that Yemen has been unable to benefit from the rains. Even the farmers did not really benefit. Moreover, the underground water reservoirs are not being replenished with the water, that flows either to the sea or to the desert.
Total damage done to the farmlands, homes, roads, utilities, and other infrastructure is now estimated to exceed 3.5 billion.
The forecasts hold more rains in the horizons. It is expected that before the present season is over, the country water supply from the rains will double. That is why many villagers have taken measures to minimize the damage that will be caused by further pouring rains and floods.