Flood-affected Lahj residents still living in camps [Archives:2006/955/Local News]

June 15 2006

LAHJ, June 14 ) Lahj residents affected by flooding caused by heavy rainfall in February that destroyed their houses still are suffering four months later by continuing to live in camps erected by authorities. They sent a message to Lahj's governor last Monday demanding that he consider their plight and find a solution.

The message mentioned earlier promises by authorities, describing them as false. Flood-affected residents also noted that they had grown tired of authorities' delays and procrastination, affirming that they've been living in the camp for more than four months, with some finally going to live with relatives or renting other houses. During this time, the residents haven't gotten any response from governorate authorities to their problems.

This is the second message they have sent to the governor without receiving a response. Rainfall in Tawr Al-Baha district destroyed more than 150 houses, forcing their inhabitants to resettle temporarily in the camps.