Floods threaten Al-Kaden citizens [Archives:2006/938/Health]

April 17 2006

Mazen Al-Saqaf
Serdoud Valley, located approximately 80 km. from Hodeidah city, experienced flooding due to heavy rains last week. The valley's water level rose to three meters, damaging not only the valley but also nearby regions, particularly Al-Kaden region on the valley's edge.

Farmer Abdu Salem confirmed regional damage, saying floods swept away many cars trying to pass through the valley, as it is the only way to the other side. He added that all car passengers were rescued.

Additionally, teacher Abdulqader Al-Hajweri reported that floods swept away a van carrying two camels, adding that no one survived.

University student Mohammed Bader said flooding crushed part of a bridge not completely built. The bridge was supposed to connect the valley's two banks. According to witnesses, broken wood from the bridge spread throughout the valley. Builder Wajdi Al-Hamadi confirmed that floods smashed the car of the entrepreneur in charge of building the bridge.

Agricultural engineer Hisham Ali Nasher confirmed the dangers and threats that occurred due to the floods. He said the region is exposed to flooding three or four times yearly. According to Nasher, the constant flooding has destroyed many agricultural lands and carved many large holes in the land. He called on involved authorities to save the region's citizens from such flood threats.