Floods wash away houses and vehicles in Hadramout & al-Maharah [Archives:2007/1063/Local News]

June 28 2007

HADRAMOUT, June 27 ) The heavy rain, fallen during this week, caused a lot of damages to properties in Hadrmout and Al-Maharah. For, it blocked some highways linking these two governorates with other parts of the Republic. It is worth mentioning that the floods washed away many trucks and autobuses. Additionally, a driver of an autobus has been reportedly missing.

The secretary general of the local council in Al-Maharah Salim Nimar told media that the floods flowing in Al-Maharah's Wadi Tanhalah swept away a tourist autobus on Monday morning; however, rescue men managed to save the passengers, but the driver is still missing.

Nimar added that the search is ongoing for those missing. Further, he demanded the authorities to bring in a helicopter to help in the search for the missing ones or those blocked by floods fallen since last Sunday.

Moreover, the floods caused the closure of highways, linking the governorate to its other districts, and washed away many vehicles in valleys.

Social defense personnel managed to save an Emirate family consisting of five members in Al-Maharah's Wadi Al-Ghaza'a. It also managed to rescue a batch of Gulf tourists boarding a micro-bus. Worth-mentioning, the heavy rainfall also caused landslides in the main road connecting Sayhout district with Qashin.

Nimar also called on travelers and citizens to exert utmost precaution during their travels in and out of the governorate.

In Hadramout, the heavy rains and floods caused the demolition of a house in Tarim's Al-Wasita area and also caused damages to Al-Khawn area's water project as well as blocking the roads and hindering people from travel and students from taking their exams.

An official at the meteorological station of Sayun Airport told media that the rate of rain, which fell during the last few days, was the highest since the start of this year as it reached 23 mm. The official also expected heavy rains to continue over the two coming days.