Flourishing Tourism in Aden [Archives:2000/17/Culture]

April 24 2000

Mohammed S. Al-Mikhlafi,
Aden has been considered as one of Yemen’s historical cities, famous for its commercial and economic activities for thousands of years. This city occupied an important position among other Arab cities and has maintained its fame as the city symbolizing the cradle of our civilization.
This city was known to play an important part in trading activities and in expanding cultural civilization among people in view of its strategic geographical location. It had a long tradition producing various handicrafts such as frankincense and Arab Gum. It was a safe international harbor for all ships passing through it from the East to the West. Thus, the present port of Aden, which is more than one hundred-years old enjoys more renown than most of other Arab ports, if not all.
Now, the present government of Yemen is giving its full attention and attitude to make Aden the commercial and economic capital as “Free Zone” because of its historical importance. For this purpose the political leadership represented by the president of there Republic, Ali Abdullah Saleh has declared the city of Aden, the “Free Zone”.
The view of Aden city on Yemen’s tourist map has been captivating innumerable tourists who visit our country and enjoy the natural and beautiful scenes and historical places.
Aden has witnessed an ever-increasing number of tourists who have expressed immense satisfaction to see the historical places in and around Aden such as Tawela Tanks, Seira Castle and Aden Gate.
The bulk of tourists are impressed not only by its peace and tranquility achieved under the leadership of Aden Security Staff Brigadier, Mohammed Saleh Turaik. The largely peaceful environment prevailing in Aden enables tourists and visitors to see all the attractive and archaeological places there without anxiety or concern.
I had the pleasure to meet one of those visitors last February, 2000. His name was Jim, a British national of 51 years. He expressed his views about Aden in these words: ” In the 10 years, I have traveled extensively in South America, Asia, South-East Asia, the West India, Australia, and the Philippines as a tourist. Though I have only just arrived in Yemen, I have already experienced the kindness and generosity of Yemeni people. I feel secure here and appreciate the efficiency of the police dealing with my travel permit and their plans to make my trip a happy and memorable one”.