FM Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Qirbi: “USA Should Not Support Israeli Terrorism” [Archives:2001/44/Front Page]

October 22 2001

Dr. Abu Bakr al-Qirbi, Foreign Minister, called on the U.S. last Thursday not to support Israeli terrorism since it will breed new spots for terrorism. Dr. Abu Bakr al-Qirbi considered the Palestinian resistance as a legitimate right since it is a struggle for restoring the usurped rights of the Palestinian people. Al-Qirbi said, at the “Seminar on Terrorism,” organized by Taiz University and the Human Rights Information & Training Center (HRITC) with cooperation of al-Saeed Foundation for Science & Culture, that a war against terrorism should not turn into a conflict of religions and civilizations. Similarly, al-Qirbi stressed that the great achievements of humanity in the field of human rights, justice and eradicating racism should not be left out amid the rising calls for war, adding that wiping out terrorism should be governed by discernment. “Terrorism should be eliminated by removing the intolerable inequities, injustices, and poverty, and achieving a decent life for the poor and rich people alike,” al-Qirbi added. Regarding the stance of Yemen towards terrorism, al-Qirbi said, “Yemen is governed by national principles, the Constitution and international agreements. Thus, from this point Yemen understands the U.S.’s right to punish the culprits of the attacks, whether in its lands or in other countries like Afghanistan; however, the U.S. should abide by international legitimacy and the participation of other countries.” Al-Qirbi made it clear that punishing the culprits should not claim any civilian casualties and that the targets should be well-defined.
On the other hand, Foreign Minister al-Qirbi highlighted Yemen’s experience in countering terrorism and considered it as “exemplary.” “Yemen has understood that dialogue is the only way to end problems, as Yemen has reintegrated the returnees from Afghanistan within Yemeni society.” He added that no Yemenis living inside Yemen took part in the September suicide crashes, which proves Yemen’s success in this respect.
Similarly, Mr. Izzaldin Saeed al-Asbahi, Director of Human Rights Information & Training Center (HRITC), delivered a speech clarifying that abolishing terrorism should be based on making an end to its breeding grounds, adding that terrorism in its different forms threaten world peace, particularly the terrorism practiced by the Israeli army. Hussein al-Iryani, Rector of Taiz University and Faisal Saeed Fare’a, Director of al-Saeed Foundation, also delivered speeches stressing the importance of eradicating terrorism through solving its causes. Within the same context, Dr. Mohammed al-Durah presented a working paper on terrorism from a legal perspective and Dr. Ali Abdulahaq al-Aghbari presented a working paper on terrorism from an Islamic viewpoint. Participants at the seminar condemned the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington and condemned killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan as well. Similarly, the participants denounced the terrorism exercised by the Israeli government against defenseless civilians