Follow-up to 2000 Jeddah TreatyYemen gets border posts [Archives:2005/816/Front Page]

February 14 2005

Saudi Arabia has given Yemen several posts as part of a new border agreement in this country's north, a Yemeni source said Saturday.

According to, the handover operation started a few days ago in secrecy and is continuing in the Meady region in northwest Yemen.

“Yemeni and Saudi military officials held a meeting in a border area between Mawsam in Saudi Arabia and Meady in Yemen, during which border posts in Mawsam, Ras Mawaj and Hathira were handed over to the Yemenis,” the unidentified source said.

He said more border positions will be returned to Yemen in the near future in Ghizan area.

Riyadh handed Sanaa several border posts in the southeast last June, notably an area of 25,000 square miles (40,000 square kilometers) in the Badih and Kharakhir regions.

In return, Yemen dropped claims against the border province of Assir, which includes the cities of Najran, Ghizan and Khamis Msheit. (UPI)