Following a Yemen Times investigative reportParliament exposes poor health standards in Aden [Archives:2007/1054/Local News]

May 28 2007

ADEN, May 26 ) Following a Yemen Times report published last August, a parliamentary committee was mandated to investigate the leads, which the report highlighted regarding the tragic health situation in Aden.

The governorate experiences poor health standards, about-to-collapse medical facilities, and deteriorating levels of sanitation as well as nutrition, a parliamentary report said. Prepared by the Parliamentary Public Health and Population Committee that visited the governorate in April 2006, the report revealed that many projects, approved by the five-year plan 2001 – 2005, have not been implemented.

The report criticized the absence of clear policies and visions to suggest possible solutions to the persisting problems in different health institutions, confirming that facilities are exposed to collapse due to climate-related factors, negligence, and lack of maintenance.

According to the report, the Jumhury Teaching Hospital needs reconstruction after it has been used for a long time without good maintenance. Furthermore, it adds that the hospital's poor sanitation, which is responsible for the spread of malaria and other epidemics, may force the hospital to collapse.

The report went on to say that Al-Wahda Hospital for Motherhood and babyhood is deteriorating due to poor maintenance and restoration. The committee expressed concern about the low levels of cleaning and nutrition in the governorate. It said that millions of Riyals are wasted in these sectors' projects without any benefit, particularly as certain companies are monopolizing the construction and maintenance of medical facilities in the governorate. In other words, no other bidders are allowed to compete for any health project tenders.

The committee affirmed that the governorate's health facilities need to be supplied with qualified staff in order to provide good medical services. It indicated that the called-upon hospitals lack the simplest medical equipment, mainly in intensive care units and operation rooms, adding that hospital administrations don't care for providing the necessary equipment though they receive returns from the poor medical services they offer.

During its visit, the committee observed that patients are suffering from tragic situations in the governorate's hospitals which lack the simplest medical equipments and ventilation systems.