Following increase in hashish trafficking Saudi authorities abort smuggling 115 kilos [Archives:2005/880/Local News]

September 26 2005

SANA'A- Sept.24- Security sources report that the Saudi guards have announced the seizure of 115 kilogram of hashish after a trafficking operation inside the kingdom over the Saudi Yemeni boarders at Al-Dhahran last Saturday. The operations took place at several boarder points. Source says that traffickers managed to escape into Yemeni boarders after they were spotted by Saudi guards.

The groups of traffickers were trying to infiltrate into the Saudi boarders by a Hilux truck through the Alb boarder point , but when the Saudi guards followed them they left their car and fled on foot into the Yemeni boarders. The guards found the car with 53 kilos of hashish and a machine gun inside.

Hashish trafficking has increased lately over Yemeni Saudi boarders. Yemen used to be a passage to a large amount of narcotics. Two months ago a tribal group in Marib Governorate caught two cars carrying an amount of hashish that costs about a million and a half US dollars. A Saudi national was killed in dispute with a tribal group after they accused him of drug trafficking to the Kingdom.

The Yemeni Authorities have lately established a drug trafficking combat department. A joint cooperation between the two authorities is underway now to combat child, weapon and narcotics trafficking, which is a problem on the increase for both nations.