Following the car accident in Senegal last week Ahmar fine and recovering [Archives:2004/720/Front Page]

March 15 2004

In a statement to, Yemen's Parliament Speaker Sheikh Abdullah bin Hussein Al-Ahmar has emphasized that he is fine and recovering from his injuries caused by the accident of last Thursday in Senegal's Capital, Dakar.
The Chairman of the Supreme Islah Party Authority told by telephone that he will be leaving the hospital in Paris within the coming couple of days.
Sheikh Al-Ahmar was flown to Paris on a special medical plane in the early hours of last Friday to Paris, France, to carry out a medical checkup to ensure he receives the treatment needs to recover fully from the accident.

How it happened
According to reliable sources close to the Sheikh, at around 4.30 pm and while he was returning to the place he was staying, a puncture in one of the car's back tires resulted in a collision with a trees on the side of the street.
He was then rushed to the hospital with his security guards and driver of the car. At the initial diagnosis, only minor bruises were noted on his body, especially his right and left arms. It was mentioned that the same bruises were caused to all those in the vehicle at the time of accident.
The Sheikh talked to President Saleh by telephone, as the latter called the Sheikh at least three times, according to sources, to enquire of his welfare. The Sheikh also received calls from a number of prominent figures such as Saudi Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, who called the Sheikh upon hearing of the accident.

Senegalese government praised
Sheikh Al-Ahmar also praised the government of Senegal for the efforts exerted to ensure that the Sheikh receives all the attention necessary. Al-Ahmar emphasized that the President of Senegal had sent his Foreign Minister to the hospital to ensure that he receives the needed treatment. Furthermore, the Senegalese Deputy Speaker of Parliament stayed with Al-Ahmar until he left for further medical treatment.
The Yemeni Parliament Speaker was in Senegal to participate in the sixth round and third conference of the member states council meetings of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. The sessions of the meetings ended last Wednesday.