For 40 Days, the Nation Mourned [Archives:1998/17/Local News]

April 27 1998

They are divided by several generations, but united by the love for their country and people. Yemeni people have reverently marked the passing of 40 days after the death of Qadhi Abdulrahman Al-Iryani and Ahmed Tarboosh.
Born into a family renowned for its religious knowledge and patriotism in 1909 in Ibb, Al-Iryani played an active part in the resistance against the regime of the Imam. He was imprisoned in 1948 following the assassination of Imam Yahya. Released in the early 1950s, he was arrested again in 1955 following a failed coup against Imam Ahmed.
Profoundly versed in Islamic Sharia law, Al-Iryani was appointed minister of justice in the first government after the outbreak of the 1962 revolution. He later became a member of the Republican Council, which ruled Yemen until the coup d’tat of 1974. He lived in a self-imposed exile in Damascus, Syria until his death last March.
Ahmed Tarboosh was born in 1957 in Taiz. He joined the Nasserite party of Yemen during his studies in Egypt in the mid-1970s. Through sheer courage and hard work, Tarboosh was able to ascend the ladder of political activism, alas he did not use his political status for his own personal ends.