For a happy childhood [Archives:2004/767/Community]

August 26 2004

The Dar-el-Salam Organization inaugurated the event of the distribution of school uniforms and bags to youngsters at the Juvenile's Bureau in Sana'a on Sat. 22nd August 2004. The event served to communicate the humanitarian role which is carried out by the organization in numerous lines of humanity, the most significant of which is promoting a culture of peace and forgiveness, and fighting violence, revenge and arms, as well as raising awareness of the precautionary standards necessary for mini arms. In a declaration to the Yemen Times, Shiekh Abdul Rehman al-Marwani, the President of Dar-el-Salam Organization, said that approximately 350 people a year die through the misuse of mini arms. And that around 170 to 185 children and women die because weapons are left in reach of children. Also, a large number of juveniles have committed crimes through unintentional mistakes, either within the family or beyond but mainly due to accidents resulting from ignorance.
The Organization, with the collaboration of scholars, intellectuals and those of good intentions, will pay a special and continuous attention to this area by changing the connotations and helping teenagers to expand their mental faculties, develop their talents, and help them to qualify so as to become youth beneficial to society.
Meanwhile, the campaign will include several other governorates.