For a healthy competitive electionControls need to be applied [Archives:2003/631/Front Page]

April 14 2003
Al Yadomi
Al Yadomi
Al Iryani
Al Iryani
Al Qubati
Al Qubati
Organized by the National Alignment Committees, an election monitoring agreement was signed by the Secretary Generals and leaders of political parties and organizations on April 8.
The number of the political parties attended the assigning ceremony reached 22 parties authorized by the Yemen Parties Affairs Committee.
Those parties have unanimously agreed to commit themselves to work diligently to compete in the 27 April Parliamentary Elections, in accordance with controls and procedures set forth in the agreement.
The agreement has 32 articles where respecting of the independence of each party and its intellectual property were the most significant points addressed by the articles.
The agreement also includes the respect of the political parties' platform and non-interference in the internal affairs, election campaigns, or candidates of the signing parties.
Woman in this regard has been given a wider scope to take part in the upcoming parliamentary elections in accordance with the law.
Joint meeting committees have to be set up within each constituency entrusted with dealing with the problems that may arise during election campaigns, polling day, the counting of the votes and to ensure that carrying weapons is banned at the election centers.
The agreement has also banned duplication of votes or letting others cast votes.
In a statement issued by the parties in this regard, Dr. Abdul-Kareem Al-Iriani placed great emphasis on that the fact that the agreement had a keen interest on stabilizing the internal front, enhancing national unity, achieving solid foundations for the peaceful transfer of power and peaceful coexistence.
The statement said that political parties would continue to achieve the national alignment agreement during the coming period.
The parties in this regard have to realize fully the handle of the election dues and making efforts to preserve the social security.
The parties have highly hailed Iraq's struggle and denounced the illegal aggression against the Iraqi people and called for immediate action against the humanitarian aspects of the aggression.
For his part, Mr. Mohammed Al-Yadomi, the Secretary-General of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah) Party told the Yemen Times that this agreement is to be added to the previous ones, with respect to confirming national loyalty as the basis for all political activity.
This agreement will be like the constitution and other laws and legislation in confirming the democratic process.
The joint meeting parties hope for the good intention on the part of the ruling party.
Dr. Mohammed Abdul-Majeed al-Qubati, the Head of the Political Division of the People's General Congress said: “Each one of us claims that he represents the truth.
Some claim that other people are mistaken. What the agreement entails is just a confirmation by the parties in order to confirm their members' adherence to practices that conform to real democratic practice.”
“We don't want to engage others in wrangles, altercations, and political conspiracy,” Mr. Qubati further noted.
“We are fully aware of the need to further enhance the democratic experience in Yemen and the parties have unanimously agreed to abide the agreement,” he concluded.
Abdul-Malik Al-Mikhlafi, Chairman of the Nasserite Unionist Party said: “We hope that the ruling party will adhere to the agreement. We have no desire to find wrong practices and do not wish to confirm the availability of such practices, which might accompany the Parliamentary Elections.”
“The parties have resorted to such agreement in the country in a time in which there is breach of the text of the laws,” he noted.
As a matter of fact, the dangers that surround the region as a result of the US-UK-led aggression against Iraq is the one of the reasons behind signing the agreement,” Alreality and there are also flagrant violations that still exist. There is also lack of security prevails and needs to be dealt with to ensure the smoothness of the election proceedings.