For Better Public Services and More Efficient Government? More World Bank Loans [Archives:1999/31/Front Page]

August 2 1999

The International Development Association (IDA), which is the World Bank institution that provides credits to the developing countries of the world, approved a total of $ 181.5 million in loans to support five development projects in Yemen during the fiscal year 1999. 
The five projects are all public services, which are as follows:  
1- Sanaa Emergency Power Station: The amount equivalent to US $ 54 million, will be used to finance the 50 Megawatt power station, which can operate on both Gas and Heavy Fuel Oil, to be built in Dhahban, an area north of Sana’a, to meet the increasing power generating gap. The demand for electricity has far exceeded the available generating capacity in the country in the main national electricity network. It is expected that the new generating capacity, will be the first to be built under a Build, Operate and Own Contact that will introduce private sector participation in the provision of electricity supply. 
2- Second Public Work Project:  This credit  allocates an amount of US $ 50 million,  The project represents the Second Stage of Public Works Projects in Yemen, which are included in the National Social Safety Net.  The SSN is a conglomeration of various social welfare projects and programs that are aimed at helping the poor and those adversely affected by the Economic and Administrative Reform Program.  Thus, the ultimate goal of the Public Works Project is to decrease the burden on the poor through the  creation of jobs and building infrastructure for the public, especially in urban areas ,where there is extreme poverty, but with some rural projects as well.  The projects entail greater beneficiary community participation and more private sector involvement in the construction and the sustainable management of public works projects. 
3- Public Sector Management Adjustment Credit: US $50 million. This project is the first of a proposed series of such projects. These projects will aim for the improvement of the efficiency of government financial and administrative functions in various sectors and operations, including budgeting, civil service, administration system, social services etc. 
4- Sanaa Water Supply and Sanitation: An amount of $25 million is allocated for this project which will address sewerage problems, and increase the efficiency of water supply, private sector involvement in projects related to the water sector.  The principal part of the project is the Sewerage Treatment Plant for Sanaa. 
5- Legal and Judicial Development: An amount of US $2.5 million. The project will seek to identify the weaknesses in the Yemeni judicial and legal system and introduce new ideas and procedures that will enhance the overall efficiency and functioning of the system. An important aim of the project is to restore public trust and confidence in the system and enhance the application of laws and legislation with a view towards the equitable and fair implementation of the laws and legislations and amending those laws that are found to be unreasonable or act to hinder the imposition of justice.