For dealing with maritime affairs & transportation New magazine released [Archives:2003/636/Community]

May 12 2003

The issue No. 1 of the quarterly Transport & Maritimes Affairs magazine has been recently published by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Transportation.
The magazine aims basically at informing the public on tasks and duties entrusted with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Transportation particularly in promoting, ameliorating, and organizing transportation services in all its forms.
The magazine is of great significance for explaining capabilities and privileges of the Yemeni sea and air transportation along with land and sea transportation facilities.
The new magazine has primarily aimed also at shedding light upon indications, symposiums, meetings held and organized by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Transportation whether domestically or internationally.
The new issue deals with current developments taking place in the political and local arena such as, terrorism and its effects on Yemeni harbors.
It also deals with the Yemen's role in an anti-terror campaign, ship's insurance, transportation legislation, land transportation, and the rehabilitation of the Sana'a International Airport.