For efficient role for mediaTwo workshops at MMTQI [Archives:2003/645/Local News]

June 26 2003

Mass media Training & Qualifying Institute (MMTQI) in cooperating with the general program of media and communication in the information ministry in Sana'a had implemented two workshops on how to write TV and radio messages and flashes.
The first workshop was held on 6-19 June 2003 for 2o emeployees working in official and local broadcasting stations in some governorates of Yemen. Over the days of the workshop the participants had listened to number of lectures given by specialists in information messages addressed to population, reproductive health and its services, and youth issues and their future role in development program, besides other topics regarding population issues.
The second workshop was launched on 22 June 2003 and continues to 30 of this month. Fifteen employees from the Yemen TV first and second channels take part in the workshop and are being lectured on TV messages on population issues and population awareness on TV. Other topics of the workshop include family orgnisation in Islam and population and future challenges. Theyalso receive explanation on howw to formulates TV flashes and messages on family organisation.
On the sidelines of the two workshops, Mr. Hussein Umar Basaleem, the assistant deputy information minister, the executive secretary-general of information and population communication program said “The aim of these workshops is to train employees theoretically and scientifically on writing TV and radio flashes and messages on population problem, reproductive health issues, family planning, woman issues and the problems related to them.''
Dr. Abduallah al-Zalab, the dean of MMTQI told Yemen Times that providing awareness about population problem and issues related to it such as reproduction health, family planning and safety of motherhood, family planning means and its significant role, is the major task of he institute.
The institute has held two training courses last May in cooperation with the vocational and technical traing fund. The two courses dealt with modern editing of news, design and press direction.