For enhancing Yemeni-Lebanese relations:New office inaugurated [Archives:2003/633/Last Page]

April 27 2003
(L-R) The Lebanese ambassador, the association chairman and the secretary general
(L-R) The Lebanese ambassador, the association chairman and the secretary general
Mohammed Al-Masani
In a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere, the Yemeni-Lebanese Brotherhood Association officially inaugurated its new office in Sanaa on April 24.
During the inaugural ceremony, the Chairman of the association, Mr. Yahya Mohammed Abdullah Saleh delivered a speech focusing on the association's achievements during the last year, in which the Lebanese Cultural Week was among the most important events organized by the association.
The association has positively contributed in enhancing Yemeni-Lebanese relations in various ways.
On his part, the Lebanese Ambassador to Yemen, Mr. Hassan Maslamani delivered a speech in which he indicated the necessity to establish such institutions which aim at strengthening ties and brotherhood relations based on love and cooperation, particularly in such hard times for the Arab world.
“My hope is that the association and other similar associations in Yemen would do their utmost to enhance cooperation and coordination among Arab countries on one hand, and among themselves as associations on the other,' the Lebanese Ambassador said.
Apart from the Lebanese Ambassador and Mr. Yahya Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, the inaugural ceremony was also attended by the Mr. Hani Shehadeh, the Area Manager of the Consolidated Contractors International Company, CCC-Yemen, Mr. Tareq Abdulwasae Hayel Saeed United Insurance General Manager, and a host of other guests.