For lacking evidenceThe Primary Court vindicated the accused of raping little girl [Archives:2007/1062/Local News]

June 25 2007

Amran, June 22 ) Last Wednesday the First Court vindicated the person accused of raping Susan M.S. Al-Mudhla', 19 years old. The vindication of the man came due to the lack of evidence according to the court, chaired by judge Abas Al-Washali, in Amran governorate north Sana'a.

The trial was held while the accused man and the lawyer of the victim, Jamal Al-Ja'bi, appeared in person along with human rights activists. After the release of the verdict, the lawyer of the victim requested the appeal.

Susan Al-Mudhala was subjected to sexual abuse when she was eight years old, according to Tiseer Al-Gabali, a lawyer and a human activist, Susan accused the 55-year-old Nasser Ahmed Zid, who denied the accusation, of raping her.

In a statement, the Sisters Arab Forum for Human Rights, which adopted this case, described the verdict as “arbitrary””. The statement also said