‘For my soul’ [Archives:2007/1079/Community]

August 23 2007

By: Lamis Abdulkarim Shuga'a.
[email protected]

Sending you with the swallow,

My best greetings many ways.

The swallows and the seasons know,

What I miss all the days.

Sweet swallow mine, stay with me,

Torment me not all moments nor tarry few minutes,

You're my hope, my life you see

Words of my poems, sense of my sonnets.

Calling to God to bless you,

Keep our life together for each other,

God let not jealouses exist even few,

Not six nor five, and nor altogether.

I blame my heart, my darling!

That loves your madness in silence.

Fast it makes my heart-beating,

Let me see you just a glance.

The loveliest time with you I may find,

Come; live in my heart, in my mind.

'Be Mine'

Would that O my dreamy paradise!

Be mine and I'm yours forever.

Let me see you just a glance,

And don't tell me never.

I've long to see your eyes,

If only O my sweetheart!

Harking my hopeless calls,

Come and with love we'll start.

Your shadow hunts at night,

Whispering and making me sleepless.

Your face and eyes ah, mere shadow,

Come to stop my eagerness.

Like the moon, appear and disappear,

Teach me how to be patient,

Or liberate me from your tempting tie,

Make me not your pendant.

You kindle longings in my mind,

Let their branches forever grow,

The flowers get bigger and bigger,

Let them reach heights; allow your love to flow.