For protection of expatriate workers’ basic rights,Joint Yemeni-Gulf vision to be submitted to ILO next conference [Archives:2004/738/Business & Economy]

May 17 2004

A meting for the technical committee of international relations at ministries of labour and social affairs in Yemen and the GCC states has reached a unified vision for coordination of their common efforts to be submitted to the a conference of the International Labour Organisation scheduled to be held in Geneva in the period of 1-17 next June.
The meeting has discussed in Sana'a the issues on the agenda of the committee of the international agreement concerning protection of expatriate workers and their family members and the follow-up of the ILO declaration regarding the basic rights of labour, trade unionist rights, the right of organisation and collective negotiations and cooperation protocols between the ILO and the GCC states.
The meeting has come out with resolutions serving areas of cooperation between states of Gulf Labour and Social Affairs Ministers council after Yemen joining it, in addition to agreement on establishment of a mechanism serving areas of cooperation between the region's countries. The participants considered that atmospheres of general freedoms Yemen entertains as a basic factor in helping the region's countries to surpass many hindrances.
Director-General of the executive bureau of the Gulf Labour and Social Affairs Ministers Council Othman Abdullah al-Tweijiri said the opinions at the meeting were identical regarding all questions of common interest, among them labour relations and trade unionist freedoms.
At the committee's meting the Yemeni delegation offered proposals and ideas on development of relations and coordination of joint efforts for deep-rooting cooperation among the region's countries in labour and basic rights of workers, in accordance with Gulf and international agreements that Yemen has already approved.
It is scheduled that labour ministers, members at the Gulf Executive Bureau, would present Sana'a recommendations in their coming coordinative meting in Geneva on the sidelines of the 92nd session of the ILO conference.