For showing merits and demerits of internet useNIIT & YT hold course on Internet [Archives:2003/635/Reportage]

May 12 2003
Mr. Sahim M. Saeed
Mr. Sahim M. Saeed
Handicapped during the IT training course held at NIIT headquarter.
Handicapped during the IT training course held at NIIT headquarter.
Abdo Moqbil Al-Sabiri
Organized by the NIIT, a diversified Global Information Technology (IT) Services Company in cooperation with the Yemen Times, Special Training on IT was held from 5th to 6th May, 2003 at the NIIT's headquarters in Sana'a.
Mr. Sahim M. Saeed, Head of the NIIT Center made clear that the main aim of the event was to raise and help Yemeni youths and the new generation to understand the importance of the Internet, and how to attain correct information and knowledge from it through different websites.
“The course aims at guiding Yemeni youths to the proper use of an overwhelming amount of information and how to make use of it,” he said.
As a result of the rapid development in IT sector, the course aims basically to immune the Yemeni youth through identifying the side effects and risks of some websites.
“We are grateful to the Yemen Times for tailoring this special course to the youths' needs and to disseminate the computer literacy especially for the handicapped people, who will be active members in the society,” Mr. Saeed noted further.
The idea of organizing this course has come at a time when our youths have fallen victims to the improper use of internet.
NIIT will be seeking in the near future means to cover other governorates in the republic.
Attention has been also paid by NIIT to promote the physically handicapped people. Preparations are underway by the NIIT to prepare a comprehensive program to eradicate IT illiteracy among our youths.
A number of schools and other handicapped societies took part in the training course including the Yemen Handicapped Society as well as the Women Challenge Handicapped Care Association.
Established in India in 1981 with a vision of “Bringing people and computers together successfully,” NIIT today has a global presence in the field of IT education and training.
With over 2,300 education centers across 4 continents, (30 countries) and an alumni base of one million, NIIT Global Net Curriculum and e-technology curriculum are directed towards creating new IT professionals as well as to re-qualify existing ones. NIIT is the first independent courseware developer for Microsoft outside the USA.
NIIT today adopts a holistic approach and complete range of customized services catering to the entire IT training cycle as that of planning, implementation and assessment.
NIIT has joined hands with world's leaders in different IT streams like Microsoft Corporation, Computer Associates, Lotus, NETg and Oracle to bring state-of-the-art technologies to its customers