For studying and training:Students & teachers travel to the USA [Archives:2003/658/Local News]

August 11 2003

Twelve high school students and five educators from Yemen have been selected to participate in the Partnership for Learning Program sponsored by the U. S. Government.
In recognition of those selected for participation in the program, the U.S. Embassy held a reception on Thursday, August 7, prior to the students' departure to the U.S.
The Partnership for Learning Youth Exchange and Study Program was created to conduct youth exchanges with predominantly Islamic countries and the United States. The program provides full one-year scholarships for students from various countries, including Yemen. This program was developed to encourage the exchange of ideas, values and experiences among young people. The Twelve high school students chosen from Yemen will travel this August to study in various U.S. high schools.
A supportive component of the Youth Exchange Study Program is the Partnership for Learning International Visitor Program. This program is intended to widen the perspective of local educators by working with university and secondary school educators, guidance counselors, ministry of education officials and student leaders. Five educators from Yemen will be traveling to the U.S. for three week training programs in the fields of Teaching English as a Second Language, Promoting Equal Opportunity in Higher Education, Teaching the Teachers, University Administration and Secondary School Education.