For tackling food poverty problem in YemenEuropean project for implementing Social Care Fund assistance [Archives:2003/661/Business & Economy]

August 21 2003

The Social Fund for Development Care is organizing seven workshops on the structure of its branches in the governorates under support of the European project specialized for funding social care aimed at helping the Yemeni families meeting criteria of those in need of food and other commodities and also for preparing and qualifying those capable of work in order to manage affairs of their future life.
Head of the European project's experts has described the actual activity of the project as a social one to help the Yemeni families below the line of food poverty via the Social Care Fund. The program started from the beginning of June 2003 and continues to the end of June 2005.
Assistance of the fund involves all the poor families and a sum of 24 thousand rials a year is to be given to families consisted of 6 or more members. The head of the European experts has proposed on the Social Care Fund that it should cancel all cases not meeting the criteria of food poverty and that required re-assessment of al cases and the application of a strict system.
The European expert has also suggested the provision of comfortable job opportunities for the beneficiaries and members of their families. He also proposed opening classes for illiteracy eradication, preparing training programs for developing skills and offering small loans for those wishing to carry out handicraft activities and possess the capability of implementing them. By such proposal the European expert intends to secure preparation of the beneficiary from the project and those capable of work and rehabilitating them to get involved in available development activities in their areas and to associate them with organisations meant for offering services that are funded by donor parties.
The European project has offered computers to the fund and they have been installed in the centre and the governorates of Taiz, Ibb, Hodeidah, Hadramout and Aden, all computers have been connected t the internet. During the remaining period of this year the project would connect the computer network with the centre and its branches in the governorates so that managing information would be from the centre to the branches. Next year the project intends to transfer the network to the districts. Director of the project says there are three working groups currently studying and evaluating criteria and measures and selecting poverty cases and putting mechanisms for paying sums to the beneficiaries.
A special workshop will be held beginning of next year to study recommendations that the three groups would reach. There is a fourth working group to be set up the end of this year to study and assess all aspects of work.