For the birds [Archives:2008/1181/Community]

August 14 2008

By: Mohammed Aish Hejash
[email protected]

A familiar figure stepped into the room through the open door. The small boy was lying on his bed, with many tears falling. As the familiar figure approached, he instinctively uttered, “Mom.” It was his mother, who sat next to him gently rubbing his small back as she said,

“Don't cry, son.”

The cat then got his tongue as he was stunned silent by the sweet motherly words that affected his whole being and made him cry even more. Affectionately embracing her son, she narrated to him a nice story

“What a world! Full of pain, surprises, ups and downs.

One day we move up and another we move down. One day we feel high and another we feel down. Everything for that orphan looked the same. Everyone around him said, 'Damn!'

“However, nothing changed, as he continually experienced pain over and over, moving toward the worse by following a bad life direction rather than taking the bull by the horns. Everyone called him retarded and said retarded people are nothing. It was hell watching him walk around, all eyes on his paralyzed right arm.”

Looking up at his mom, the boy asked, “Did he give up?”

“Of course not!” she replied, “He had his own daily routine of studying, supporting his poor family and doing his daily exercises at his sports club. Nobody liked having him around and most hated him.”

“Why?” her son asked.

She answered, “Because he was retarded. It wasn't easy adjusting to that fact, but he endured it by trying to make friends with some sportsmen. Taking no offense, he moved ahead.

He took up one of the most difficult sports requiring much work and pain. He loved playing football, using his remaining good feet.

His club friends helped him greatly in his exercise and building up his self-confidence.

He was a good learner and an obedient person.

“It took him only a year to learn and attain brilliance and stardom.

He became known as 'the one-handed star.' Becoming widely known in his neighborhood, people started admiring this poor orphan. He eventually joined a famous football club, displaying a high level of responsibility while playing. “One day, while playing in one of the most important matches, he proved that he was the best around. After he'd finished the match, a supervisor from the national football team came up to talk to him. He told the orphan that his name was on the list of national team players!”

“Wow!” the small boy exclaimed, “Then what happened?”

His mother resumed, telling him, “After that, he cried just like you did! Alright, my dear, why were you crying?” she asked attentively. “Me? Well ecause my big brother took my new comic book and said he wouldn't give it back,” he replied. “Aha!” his mother exclaimed.