Foreign Minister in Iran [Archives:1999/15/Local News]

April 12 1999

Abdul-Ba-Jammal, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, leaves Sanaa for a 3-day visit to Tehran on Saturday, the 17th. “My visit comes to follow-up agreed-upon steps in bilateral coordination and cooperation,” he told the Yemen Times. He also mentioned the importance of Iran for regional stability and peace.
The Foreign Minister also plans to visit Kuwait, once “I receive a formal invitation.” The Kuwaiti Foreign Minister told the media that an invitation to his Yemeni counterpart was on the way. “I welcome the news, and plan to respond positively as soon as it comes in,” Ba-Jammal told the Yemen Times over the telephone.
During his Kuwait visit, he will re-open the Yemeni embassy, which had been closed since the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990.