Foreign Ship in Territorial Waters [Archives:2001/35/Local News]

August 27 2001

An unidentified foreign ship has illegally entered Yemen’s territorial waters without any official consent. The ship went on a random fishing and exploding the coral reef in Al-Khokha area. Reliable sources have revealed that the Yemeni Marine Army and the Coast Guard has detained the ship and referred the case to the Public Property Court. The Yemeni authorities have conducted an investigation with the Captain of the ship and its crew. The Court has imposed a fine of $100,000. There were indications that the guilty parties will file an appeal to the Court of Appeal. It has to be mentioned here that a number of incidents have occurred repeatedly due to the leniency of government bodies. The Secretary-General of Al-Khokha has imprisoned the Manager of the General Fish Cooperation in the Al-Khokha area.