Forgers receive imprisonment terms [Archives:2005/879/Local News]

September 22 2005

SANA'A- Sept. 17- Under a State Security Court's ruling, 15 people faced imprisonment for being proved guilty of forging the signatures and stamps of the President of the Republic, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, their terms ranging from 4-10 years

The 15 people have also been found guilty of forging official documents, by virtue of which they got financial sums, estimated at 100 Yemeni Riyals. They also counterfeited documents on estates, lands, scholarships, job posts, licenses for arm carrying and official appointments of district managers.

Suspect No.1 Mujahid Ahmad al-Jarrash was sentenced to 10 years in jail starting from the date of his arrest. Other 12 suspects received 15-year imprisonment terms. Under the verdict, 2 suspects were sentenced to 4 years in prison and another four were obliged to return an amount of 81 million Yemeni Riyals to the state's treasury. The court ordered the suspension of any job obtained through forged procedures.

The band practiced forgery upon officials for several years with no one revealed. Through their counterfeit tricks, members of the band obtained real estate, lands, cars and money from the State's treasury.

Reliable sources told the Yemen Times that the band was uncovered when one of the prominent sheikhs sent reports about them to the concerned authorities.