Formal complaint lodgedThreats against “secularists” [Archives:2003/688/Front Page]

November 24 2003

Mohammed bin Sallam
A complaint has been recently filed by Shaef al-Yousefi t to the Saudi embassy saying that he and other prominent figures have become a target of threats through phone calls, particularly since the end of the last August.
According to the complaint, mobile numbers from the Saudi Arabia have been used by unknown group of people residing in Saudi Arabia.
“We call upon the Saudi authorities have to adopt procedures to arrest this group, because they distort the image of Saudi Arabia. Their behavior is illegal and in a stark contrast with teachings of Islam,” al-Yousefi said.
In his complaint, al-Yousefi said that he and his family, as well as other families belong to some of prominent figures, are exposed to several threats, and are prey to terror and fear.
Phone numbers that have been recognized by al-Yousefi's mobile or by the security authorities have been enclosed together with the complaint.
On its part, a number of memos have been dispatched by the Southwest Secretariat Attorney to a number of security bodies and other telecom companies informing them of conducting an immediate investigation. So what is needed by those companies is to help those bodies to follow up and recognize the owners of the unknown group.
Political observers believe that such threats through mobiles and numbers have been described as terror, which target specific class of individuals and making them always disturbed and all the time annoyed. This class includes, lawyers, security officers and others.
A number of politicians, prominent writers, Yemeni journalists have been exposed to threats during the end of the last year.
Most of the threats come through phones from Yemen and not from outside as the one that has taken place against al-Yousefi.
It is to be mentioned here that a list of a number of some Yemeni intellectuals and politicians have exposed to death. The last one, which was performed by an extremist who confessed that there is a list of names, labeled as secularists, who are being threatened.
Dr. Yaseen Saeed Noaman, the former parliament speaker, is the other who was threatened as media resources had mentioned..
Sources said that the threats were from Al-Eman University.