Formative Artist: Mohammed Abdo Da’el [Archives:1999/06/Last Page]

February 8 1999

Yemeni artist Mohammed Abdou Wa’el “Al Da’el” is one of the disntinguished artists in our country today. His artistic methods combine between sharp intuition lending itself to a remarkable sense of space and proportion, and a visible ability to evenly distribute color on his paintings. 

He depicts movement and motion, even in still moments in life. When there is no motion, the spirit is moving and you can sense a smile or inviting eyes. He also depicts issues with which people can easily identify. 
Then there is the originality that makes Mohammed stand out. Although a fisherman coming home with his catch is a theme known since the beginning of time, the special Da’el touch gives it a certain originality. 
As critics often say, “It is his ability to bring together a moving spirit, a moment of beauty and a certain sense of originality that makes Da’el’s work stand out.” 
He obtained his first diploma from Aden University. Then he got an MA in oil painting from the State Academy for Arts in Moscow. 

Da’el now teaches painting at the Faculty of Engineering-Architecture of Aden University. He co-founded the youth society for fine arts, which he chaired and represented in the Arab Youth Carnival in Baghdad in 1977. 
He is also one of the founders of the Yemeni Formative Artists Association and participated in many of its exhibitions in Yemen and outside. In addition, he presents his work in many galleries locally and outside the country. 
Da’el also participates in seminars and workshops in the field. Now he is busy trying to produce a book that is more like an instructor’s manual or guide. “We expect this document to be the bible of the profession,” a colleague said. 
But the climax of Da’el’s work must be the masterpiece he is now working on. He is busy with an ambitious giant work of art depicting the historic stages of the Yemeni revolution. Da’el said once, “I am the son of this land, and I like my works to be mixed with its soul.” 

By Afra’ Al Zubair, 
Yemen 21 Forum.